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Who is the Peaks Coaching Group?

We are the leaders in Power Training.

The field of power-based road cycling training has exploded over the past decade. The massive increase has unfortunately been accompanied by a great deal of misinformation and confusion about power training.

We can help! We are the experts; we wrote the book on power training. Hunter Allen’s proprietary system of data-driven power training focuses on getting you the results you want in the time you have. Our cycling coaching will help you reach your goals through diagnosis of training needs, development and application of the right training plan, training zone maintenance, and clear focus on peaking.

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What Coaching Packages are Available?

A variety of coaching packages are available, depending on your desired level of interaction with your coach and your budget.

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Why Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching is the ultimate form of training assistance you can get to improve your cycling ability. As a coach, I work with you to determine your goals, abilities and limitations. We put together an annual plan and then build a daily training plan fit around your goals, schedule and abilities. Through personal contact and online technology, I provide a customized daily training plans designedjust for you. Through constant feedback, I adjust and modify your training load and schedule as needed. Coaching begins with an assessment of current health and fitness, and includes periodic performance evaluation throughout the season to measure and guide incremental improvement.

Coaching is much more than development of a customized training plan, though. Of even greater value is the ongoing feedback between you and me, your coach. One of the most important roles that a coach plays is to provide objective feedback and guidance. As an athlete, it is difficult for your to separate your training from your emotions. I can objectively look at your work, your progress and attitude and help you appreciate the progress you are making even when you don't necessarily see it from your perpective. I can help you stay grounded and make steady, deliberate progress. 

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